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Wait time for gum graft after remicade

I am way overdue to get gum graft surgery, which I finally scheduled a few months ago, allowing nearly 3 weeks after my latest remicade infusion. My nurse just told me I should wait 4 weeks for any invasive procedure, but it is very difficult to get things scheduled with the periodontist and with my schedule. Is 3 weeks sufficient? It is coming up in just over two weeks, and will be very difficult to reschedule. I cannot find definite requirements/recommendations. Advice, please!
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Biggest advice I could give is to talk with your GI, or maybe get him/her to conference with your periodontist. Good luck with the grafts. Had a set done before I ever heard of remicade.
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After your latest remicade infusion, you should wait for around 3-4 weeks for a gum graft surgery. Although, it would be best if you consult your periodontist about the time period for which you should wait to have a gum surgery done.
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Being a ''at higher risk'' or ''special'' patient, your periodontist should respect and accomodate your situation. I'd listen to the nurse on that one.
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Just got 2 sections of my Gum Graft yesterday. lower right & left 3 teeth each section. Its pretty painful now. Taking some tonics which helps. The most annoying part is since I have dressing in my mouth.. i cant eat anything. Just very soft foods and liquids.

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