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Breastfeeding and crhons

I've been exclusively breastfeeding my son and for about a month or so now I've been getting mini flare ups since I've been diagnosed back in 2011 I've only been on 2 medications (prednisone and asacol) and I've been on and off with them til I eventually stopped taking them! But now my pains have come back. I'm scared to take any medication that will affect my son and milk supply in any way. Has any one been through this? Thanks
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I flared while I was breastfeeding my son (actually at the end of my pregnancy). I took Predisone and Remicade while breastfeeding, but eventually had to stop because I was losing too much weight from doing both and was too tired to continue. I worked with my GI, pediatrician and a lactation consultant to come up with a plan, and was advised at that time (about 10 years ago) that both predisone and remicade were safe.

Good luck! Enjoy this time, as tired as you probably are, because it goes by so quickly, and before you know it, your baby isn't a baby any more.
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I was on azathioprine and pentasa throughout my pregnancy and also breastfeed my daughter while taking them. The latest studies suggest that azathioprine doesn't pass into breast milk in any large quantities and babies don't seem to suffer any side effects. So there are drugs out there which can be taken while breastfeeding. I didn't seem to have any problems with milk supply while taking them (though as I was on them from the beginning it would be less noticeable).

So please don't suffer, go and see your doctor!

PS you could try contacting the drugs in breast milk helpline (part of the breastfeeding network) they were really helpful and emailed me loads of studies on aza and pentasa use while breastfeeding, and were a lot more knowledgeable than any of my doctors were!
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19 years ago my Dr was great at contacting drug companies to find the right mix of medication to achieve remission and breastfeed.

With a caring Dr you can figure it out.

Good luck


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