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RA and UC connection w/ colostomy

Excuse me for going off subject, I am new to the site and wondered what UC and RA means as I have most of my colon removed, have got a colostomy and also arthritis, just wondered if there was a link.
Thank you.😀
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They are both autoimmune diseases and sometimes people have multiple AI issues. There may be connections beyond our understanding but I don't believe there is an overt link.

Ps. I moved your thread to its own to get more attention and to leave the deoderant thread on topic.
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I've heard that there are odd connections between autoimmune diseases but they aren't fully understood. My father has/had lupus (it depends on who you talk to, there is a disagreement between my parents as to if it was drug induced or not), of my dad's four kids, my oldest brother and myself look like him far more than the other two. We also happen to the two kids that have IBD, my brother has Crohn's, and I have UC. My father's side has a history of various autoimmune diseases. It makes perfect sense they would connected even if not directly obvious.
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