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Seeping fissures

Well I must say firstly that in thankful for this resource! Very good to have people to ask things.
Speaking of which: currently have awful anal fissures and a worsening fistula waiting to be drained (the fistula, that is) and waiting to stet Humira.
Question is- once starting Humira (assuming it works) any ideas how long before I might see an improvement in seeping of mucus/puss/faecal matter?
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When I started Humira, I noticed a difference right away! At first it was just that I would notice less drainage, but four months later I don't get any drainage at all and I'll be getting my setons removed soon to see if it can close with the help of Humira.
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I'm sorry I don't have any experience of this myself , I just wanted to send you some support. Hopefully bumping up the thread will get you some experienced answers.

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Before starting humira I had one fistula the size of a goose egg. It had burst a couple times but always filled back up anf constantly seeped. Within a week it was pea sized with occasional drainage and within two weeks it was gone and drainage is super irregular. Happens from time to time but not remotely regularly.

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