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Elaine G
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Feel a little bit lost not really sure if I have Crohns or not

I have been unwell for near enough the last 2 year , I was taken into hospital with abdo pain and generally feeling unwell, I had previously and a year earlier been taken ill whilst on holiday I became jaundice and very unwell came home to the uk was admitted to hospital was all a bit of a puzzle I had been unwell before going on holiday with a chest infection and was put on Augmentin antibiotics I had been diagnosed witha fatty liver and it was decided that the Jaundice was caused by the augmentin, I was put on prednesilone for the jaundice I am diabetic and became really ill my sugar levels went crazy and I ended up on insulin, got over that but always kind of felt not totally back to myself . So when I was admitted with the abdo pain they found that I had a small kidney stone I was referred to a urologist who said that yes I did have a small stone but my pain was not caused by the stone and that he thought I should see a gastroenterologist I have had so many test colonoscopies endoscopies , capsule endoscopies Pet scan MRI scan , nothing really abnornal on them but the Dr was doing Blood test and my CRP has always been raised my Faecal calprotectine was originally 1600, so at first he put me back on prednesilone which led me back to insulin and feeling totally unwell , I had a laparoscopy last december that showed lots of adhesions my bowel was very stuck together they sorted all that out still no reliefthe steroid never help , I have been getting more and more depressed as all I am doing is taking Pain meds I am now on fentanyl patches and lozenger aswell as cocodamol gaberpentine lasoprazole, I have no appetite I have lost 5 stone in weight. I also had another bout of jaundice and they still don't have a reason for it, the faecal calprotectine result was 500, so this time the consultant has said that we really must now assume that it is some form of inflammatory bowel disease/crohns and thinks that maybe i should be on Infliximab . so if there is anyone with any thought on all this I would love to hear, I am quite worried about being put on this infliximab I don't know anything about it and feel totally lost. thanksElaine
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It's awful to feel awful and horrible to not even know or have a name for what is wrong with you. We have an undiagnosed club on here you may find some posts helpful and feel free to share your questions and concerns there as well.

Take a look around the forum, we have a Remicade forum, prednisone, and others that you may find really helpful. Welcome and I wish I could answer your burning question as to whether it's crohn's but I hope in time you will feel better and have a better understanding of your condition.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Feel a little bit lost not really sure if I have Crohns or not
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