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Mild crohns flare?

Hi everyone hope u are all well. I think I'm having a flare but I'm not sure because I'm not going a toilet a lot but am getting a lot of stomach pain on right abdomen it stings badly depending what eat but I have also been getting really bad headaches feverish and feeling really tired feel really irritable all the time and get snappy over the littlest things which is not like me. Makes me stressed out which don't help. Is this a flare? I wondered is there anything the doctors could give me for the stress and make me less short tempered. Does it also mean my pentasa is not working? I had a blood and stool test which both came back okay last week. Sorry about all the questions. Thanks for reading.
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What your describing could be a flare, there doesn't have to be D.

The stomach pain after eating could indicate that you have inflammation there which is being irritated by the food, especially if youve developed a narrowing. This would make it harder for the food to pass through and cause pain.

Try keeping a food and symptom diary which may help identify problem foods.

Also try to stick to things like rice and chicken etc which are easy to digest and might help avoid a blockage if there is a stricture.

I would say the best thing to do is get checked out, particularly with the fevers as well. If you start to vomit or the pain becomes unbearable then don't be afraid to go to the ER.

It may be that you need a higher dose of the pentasa or a short course of steroids to bring things under control, or it might be time to try another med.

I've had both blood and stool tests come back clear just before a colonoscopy showed a stricture, multiple ulcers and patches of inflammation, so clear tests doesn't always mean there's nothing going on. Trust your body.

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1. Dont get too excited. Try to be computed, enter to "auto pilot". Try not to get emotional. Easilg said, I know.. oh believe me I know ... you wany to keep on going with your life not go to tests doctors etc
the sooner you accept that you HAVE TO act -the better

2. It does sound very possible that you are heading a flare; please please dont take it the wrong way, I hope it turns out to be nothing, but your description reminds me my flareups. Go see your GI ASAP ; hopefully if the Crohns is giving a visit you can put it under control before things get out of hand.

Please dont wait too long; if things dont get better - go see your doctor and treat the situation.

I feel for you dear.

Sending positive vibes at you.
Hope you feel much better soon !
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Agree with the above posts get to the doctor,phone your clinic nurse who I,ve always found to be really helpful and knowledgable they may tell you over the phone to alter your dosage for a while.
Try to bland your diet out chicken,rice,fish even try homemade soup anything that is easy to deal with.good luck all the best

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