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My test results pil cam

I hope someone or more than one can help me shed a little light on my test results and a bit of advice on what to say to my gi consultant in a couple of weeks. undiagnosed still suffering like mad.
Hope I don't get his junior the one who said you had a positive test for caloprectin because you had food poisoning "sorry sir was that the food poisoning I had 6 weeks after the test as I haven't had food poisoning ever before? think if he turns up I may aswell say yes I am completely mad and I am sure I have ibs sorry to trouble you.(sorry rant over)
well here are the results of the pil cam any help appreciated on explaining and advice on what to ask the gi.

No classical features of Crohn's as no ulcers hyperaemia or inflamed mucosa no strictures or deep fissures.
Some minor changes with an area of increased vascular markings or punctuate hemorhage,and one area with a small patch of irregular,uninflamed mucosa with a central depression which could possibly be a healed ulcer?and with a u shaped trough which might be a healed fissure.

That's the result in full without the attached pics.
Really hope that tells them something and I can get help really had enough.
Previously after the barium meal and bowel x rays the radiologist diagnosed celiac disease the previous gi recommended a second opinion as they couldn't after a meeting between them agree.
Many thanks in anticipation of any replies.
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Hello fellow welshie!

I'm sorry that you are suffering still and that you've been fobbed off by junior doctors.

Pill cams can be very helpful in diagnosis but there is a snag in that they can't get biopsies with them.

From what you've described, it sounds like you've had some type of inflammation in the past (hence the possible ulcer and old fissure) which has now healed up. The lack of visible inflammation doesn't mean there isn't some there at a microscopic level, but the only way they would find that is through taking biopsies.
Remember that this is just my opinion based on what I've experienced and researched myself. The best thing to do is write a list of things that you want addressed when you next see your consultant. Ask them to explain what they think the pathology means for you personally and what they think should be the next step

Sorry I'm not familiar with your story, what are your symptoms? Have you had any other investigations done?

Coeliac disease does sound like a possibility, since it doesn't always cause classic inflammation and can cause a 'flattened ' appearance. You might want to ask for some blood tests to check for this. I was diagnosed as coeliac at 14 so if you have any questions please ask.

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Thanks for the reply Valleysangel.
Symptoms are pain in abdomen mainly left side like a finger being twisted in the gut,stomach pains blood and mucus in stools,sometimes no solid stools for weeks (the battle to stay hydrated), rarely watery ewww,sometimes a lot of pain like i swallowed a load of marbles on a string,joint pain fatigue like narcalepsy at times.I know every toilet everywhere i go as most do.
Had a few years where i used to get a break inbetween bouts but now its the odd good day.Took years to get from gp to a gi referal since then been about four years.Had camera up and down biopsies a while back nothing showed,had raised caloprectin in poo tests.Been told ibs ibs by gp's and current gi said if he had anything physical to go with the symptoms and caloprectin result it would be ibd.
We will see just wish and dream of being better.And not being made to fel like i am mad.

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