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Introducing myself! I'm sure you've heard it all before...

Well this is probably a good of time as any. I'm jackkat. *waves* I'm 26 and I am currently undiagnosed, though I'm feeling fairly sure I have Crohns.

I've always had a problematic digestive tract and only recently discovered a name for it. I've been in the ER on multiple occasions over the past few years, only to be sent away with no real answers. (Heartburn?! Really??!)
Since the begining of February its been a whirlwind of pain. Including all those lovely symptoms. Diarrhea, pain, gurgling, mucus, loose stools, blood with every BM, loss of appetite/weight/energy. It's begun to affect my mood and general dispositoon ... There have been nights that I've laid in bed and just cried.
My SO has been as supportive as he can. I don't think he fully grasps my level of discomfort but he attempts to soothe me when the pain is apparent. (He says "I'm sorry" a lot haha)
After playing phone tag with the only gastroenterologist in my area, I have an appointment on the 24th. This is 2 months after my last ER visit, so you could say I'm a little anxious to finally talk to someone who may be able to help me. I just want to know what this is, and hopefully get some pain relief!
I apologize if this is a jumbled mess. I was so comforted to find this forum and have read many stories. So thank you. It means so much to see others like myself.

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Oh god, doctors laughing at illness is terrible. You're really strong for being able to survive that. At least you're finally making progress towards a diagnosis!

If you're trying to explain the pain of Crohn's Disease to someone who hasn't seen it in a loved one before I find comparing to the chestburster scene from Alien works. This fits especially well because Dan O' Bannon, the man wrote Alien, had Crohn's and credited his illness as inspiration.

I'm glad you found us!
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I hope that the appointment will bring you closer to your answer. No one wants to be sick, but when you know you are sick, all you want is to know what it is, I imagine that you are anxious to figure it out and try to get it under control as soon as you can. Let us know how the appointment goes and if you have any questions
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Welcome to the forum! I too am undiagnosed, and as we both know with Canadian healthcare, it's hurry up and wait. I have been suffering for 10 months with no answers yet I hope you can get a diagnosis as well

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