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Been lurking again !

It has been some time since I've been on the Forum.

With some great help from various posts I've been able to look after my concave stoma much better. I still have problems with acids eating the skin around the hole but been coping much better.

Had an endo 3 weeks ago through both ends. Apparently I was quite inquisitive looking at the monitor, when the GI doctor went through the stoma to check things out, not that I can remember the procedure.

The pathology looks good, but there is still some active Crohns around the ileum which is now my temporary outlet I suppose

It's the first stage of getting a reversal done.

The best news is that I can now mow the lawn and walk all the isles at the shopping centre. Still have to put a bit of weight on and increase my stamina.

Bought a new sport touring bike to get me out of home. Planing to do a few big rides before my next operation. Also thinking about doing the lap around the big island soon, Australia, with me nappy.


Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Stoma Subforum » Been lurking again !
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