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Second trip to emerg in one week

Hi all,

I am still undiagnosed. I have now gone to emerg twice in one week. My blood work came back normal yesterday. Still waiting on stool sample tests. The pain was excruciating hence the trip to emerg. I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy performed yesterday with biopsies. By all visual accounts, the GI said everything looked normal but will perform a colonoscopy in one/two weeks.

I am still on buscopan and asacol. I have barely eaten in 8 days since this all flared up again but I am trying to keep my fluids up. The discomfort and D are exacerbated when I eat solids.

The GI yesterday was pretty curt in that the belly pain was not restricted to the right side. After discharge, I buckled many times due to the sharp stabbing pain on my left side....this went on most of the night. Today, has been mediocre.

I am frustrated!!! I don't know what to I crazy or is this some form of IBD that may take forever to get to the bottom of???
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Hi, welcome to the forum. It could be some form of IBD - the colonoscopy will hopefully shed light on things once and for all. When you have the severe pain, do you get anything like explosive diarrhea or projectile vomiting with it? With pain that severe, I'd be worried about an obstruction, and those other symptoms I mentioned are common with obstruction. How long have you been ill, and have you had other tests besides the flexi sig and bloodwork?

Oh, and no, you are definitely not crazy. It may be IBD or some other illness but whatever it is, it's definitely real and your suffering is legitimate - don't ever think you're crazy, because you're not! Hang in there, I hope you can have the colonoscopy soon. Keep us posted on how it goes.
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Welcome to the forum! Cat-a-Tonic is right, I would be worried about an obstruction also. That is a likely cause of the intense stabbing pains.

Whatever is going on I hope you have an agressive GI who will get to the bottom of things quickly.
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