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Juicing? Anyone?

Hi everyone, I was looking at purchasing a vitamix, but I'm not sure how the fiber will be for me so I am going to hold off for now.

I have a juicer and would like to start using it. Does anyone know how much nutrients you get from juicing? Is most of it lost in the process?

Anyone here juice? How often?
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Some are lost but generally if you drink it fresh the nutritional content is high. All the good without the fiber.

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its all up to what you ingredients
Parsley and cilantro juice will be more valuable
than apple and banana juice
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I signed up at juicerecipes.com and am doing the 30 day challenge. I like it because it slowly introduces you to different flavors. All their recipes have a nutritional break down and tell you what they are good for (like digestion, energy, asthma). I've been doing it once a day.

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