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Not put out for a colonoscopy?!

Well I have been totally nervous about me possibly having a colonoscopy...once my doctor and mom told me what it was I FREAKED out. obvioulsy the idea of a colonoscopy as a 15 year old girl really isn't too appealing...I thought my mom told me that they put you to sleep like they did when I had my apendix out. But I just read a thread saying the person not only was awake but felt discomfort and pain during it Now I'm even more worried about it. So do you know whats going on during the procedure?
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Don't worry about it? I am pretty sure that if you live in the states that they will knock you out for it. The worst part honestly is the prep, I would ask for miralax prep if you can because it has no taste. Good luck on your scope.
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Hi Katie! Welcome to the forum!
I have had one colonoscopy, it was a few weeks ago and I was put under/knocked out/drugged up, completely for it. I felt like I slept for 5 minutes and then it was all done. I don't remember it a bit. I'm not sure if you can request that your doc put you out for it? You can surely ask.

The worst part of the whole ordeal, which wasn't TERRIBLE, was the prep. You have to drink something (or take pills) which makes you go to the bathroom a LOT the night before till your insides are as clean as a whistle.
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When i have had mine, and i have had about 3 or 4, they give you an iv and it does have some drugs in it. You are awake(from what they told me), but you are completely out of it. and its like a memory wipe. All of mine i remember going in and getting the iv. counting to about 20 and then next thing i remember is waking up at home. Apparently you do some really goofy stuff on those drugs... Like in my case, walk into walls, talk to plants... all kinds of fun stuff. you really don't even remember going in. So don't worry its really easy thing to do.

As far as the prep, Mix it with crystal light lemonaid and it goes down much easier
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As long as you are "sedated" you should have no recollection of the event, out of all 3 so far, I personally remember one waking up with discomfort for a second (like waking up in the night), but it was a flash of consciousness, not a full blown alertness. I recall about 3 seconds of waking up and shuffling on the table a little, only to hear the nurse say "more versed" and a second or two later, I was out again. They should typically give intravenous Versed and Fentanyl, which puts you in what is labeled a "twilight sleep"'s not full anaesthesia like most surgeries but when it is all said and done hours later, you won't remember any different unless you had a momentary lapse in the effect like I did.

What they are giving you will determine your alertness during the procedure, and it may even be possible if they aren't giving you those two I mentioned, you can ask for them, as they could be available.

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given that your 15, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
I had my first colonoscopy and endoscopy when I was 14 and the worst part was the day before. I got more and more nervous about them sticking a camera up my butt which no doubt caused some added stomach pain. For me, it was the first time i had ever had to restrict my diet in any way and i HATED eating only liquids. By the time i wasn't RUNNING to the bathroom every 10 minutes to pee poo (sorry...) my bum was so sore i felt like i was wiping with sandpaper. I'm sorry I'm really not trying to scare you or anything...

But after all that, the procedure was a piece of cake. In the pediatric system, the doctors' first priority is making sure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible. If you make a fuss, they fix your fuss at the snap of your fingers!
When I got to the hospital, they just asked me to get changed and lay in a bed. I had to wait for a while for them to bring me into the operating room. They may or may not give you an IV before you're out but I was scared of needles so they put me to sleep first. All they did is place a breathing mask over my face filled with grape-flavoured laughing gas and I just giggled!

Actually it was really funny because I was trying to hide the giggles at first, so I just sort of started shaking... then when the doctors started getting worried I just burst into hysteric laughter and that is all i remember until I woke up in a daze. Then they gave me popsicles until I was strong enough to sit up on my own and I was allowed to go home.

I just had another colonoscopy about a month ago and i'm 19 now, so I'm in the adult system. They don't put you under unless you really really push for it, so I got sedation but I was still aware at the beginning of the procedure. I could feel everything that was going on and it was very, very unpleasant for about 5 minutes until they squished 2 more vials of liquid into my IV and then I dont remember anything.
So try not to worry too much, because it can be scary but it's really just thinking about it and worrying about it that makes it scary. In reality it's over before you know it and you have the relief of having some sort of idea what is actually going on in there.
good luck with the colonoscopy. i hope they give you laughing gas, it at least makes it slightly entertaining!
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Katie_Ann said:
Well I have been totally nervous about me possibly having a colonoscopy...once my doctor and mom told me what it was I FREAKED out. obvioulsy the idea of a colonoscopy as a 15 year old girl really isn't too appealing...I thought my mom told me that they put you to sleep like they did when I had my apendix out. But I just read a thread saying the person not only was awake but felt discomfort and pain during it Now I'm even more worried about it. So do you know whats going on during the procedure?
Hey katie, well im a 14 year old boy... and i had to get a colonoscopy AND a endoscopy a couple months ago. But yah the prep is the worst part to it, for me i couldnt eat any solid foods for 2 in a half days or something, all i could have was liquids. During the procedure i did wake up near the end of it, but you really dont have any discomfort or really remember it that well. It is like a dream where you can sorda remember it but you have no pain no matter what. Also you might be crying, i was. But it was from the medicine they give you to fall asleep. But most people wont remember the surgery at all! Good luck and remember it really isnt that bad, just get it over with and dont worry about a thing.

EDIT: a endoscopy is when the do the same thing as a colonscopy, but the stick it down your throat. And my throat hurt a little afterwards but you butt doesnt hurt lol.
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i had to have one when i was 16 and was not happy about it, i thought it was just for old guys lol. but they put me to sleep and im sure they will you to. and it was holly (littlemissvalentine) who was awake for hers, she said she had some discomfort with it but not much, not really all to sure about it cuz i was out for mine, but you could talk to her if you find out your gonna be awake she will prolly be able to help!
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I've had about 20, lucky me huh? Anyway the doc sedates me but I stay awake and watch what all goes on. I remember everything. Mind you I have an unusually high tolerance for pain meds and the likes. I can feel a little bit of pain/pressure when he's moving around or snipping off a piece for biopsis.
My best friend had colon cancer and because of that has an colostomy bag; he has to have 1 each year and his doc knocks him out for his. He said he only remembers waking up in recovery.
If you are really nervous and explain this to your doc, I'm sure you won't remember the procedure. Unfortunatley we all remember the "prep" work!
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Hi KA! I just had my 1st one back in March & while I was in the "twilight" stage, I was awake & watched everything on the big screen above me. I even was given the chance to see the ulcers/polyps that were removed. I actually asked to see them in their jar. LOL I only felt a little bit of pain when he would change the air pressure to move the camera around, that was about it. Best of luck to you hon!
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Don't worry about it. Like everyone says, it is all the prep beforehand that sucks cause you can't eat. I had a twilight anaesthetic and I was sort of dazed but awake ever so slightly - did not bother me. I woke up and was suddenly little miss chatterbox to everyone (wearing off the anaesthetic . . .lol).
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Katie, I'm a veteran of around 15-20 scopes. My first one was when I was 16.

Over that time and the amount of scopes I've had, I've only remembered 1. All of the rest, I slept like a baby.

The 1 time, I vaguely remember waking but went to sleep straight away again.

The procedure is fine, you won't remember a thing.

Try to take all the prep, the day before, as fast as you can. It not that bad really. Some prep comes in just 2 glasses, you simply drink lots of water afterwards.

At this stage, I don't mind getting them, I even look forward to a really good sleep...
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Actually they give me some stuff to make you sleepy and relaxed, but not knocked out, however fully put out was common up till I think last year when Insurance companies stopped covering the sedatives because it wasn't necessary to be completly knocked out. That, and my doctor(s) told me (I have changed but both had this opinion) that it's better when the patient is still awake in case they need to shift their body or move positions just a little, as picking up and moving around a person simply isn't as easy and simple.

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They gave me sedatives for my colonoscopy. I didn't pass out at all and watched the whole thing, but didn't feel anything.
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I've had a few colonoscopies now, and I've always been unconscious through all of them. The most recent one, when they were first giving me the anesthesia, I was in this kind of "in between" for a few seconds, and I was scared, because I couldn't see straight or anything, but I could still hear and stuff, and the nurses were all like, "wtf he's still not out" but then a few seconds later they were like, "Oh, there he goes lol" and then I conked out for the rest. In all likelihood, if you notice anything at all, it'll be fleeting, and then you'll be right back out. Good luck with your scope.
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i surprised them by making it from 10 to 1... then i tried again and only made it to 9
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The best part about NOT being put out, is once the doctor says the camera (with the bright light) is all the way up where it needs to be, you declare it's time to do shadow puppets and put your hands up to your mouth that is wide open.

The looks on my doctors face was freaking classic.
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I've had several. First time I got to watch and found it interesting. Next time, for some reason the drug mix didn't do it for me. I was not sedated enough and sedated too much to control my reaction to the pain. So I was yelling quite loudly.

So the next time I went, I requested enough drugs so as not to have others think they are killing me in there hehe. So now I am knocked out completely. Nice little sleepy. My doc does show me the photos that he takes each time though.

Interestingly enough, I only did weird things before the proceedure this time. I took the bus since it's only 15 minutes away. I put a black bra on and then a white t-shirt over it and also tried to put the bus money in the transfer machine. Hmmmm.

LMAO, But yeah, t'would be fun to make with the shadow puppets.

Make sure you drink enough other liquids while doing the prep as you can get dehydrated and nauseated. I really like my chicken bouillon too. Not to freak you out, but I had my first when I was 15 and I think it severely dehydrated me and I spent the night before in dry heaves. I believe that they made me drink too much of the prep and that aided to the dehydration. That was in the Golytely days ug.

Good luck!!
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LOL Joe....

I was conscious for my last one a month or so ago. I thought it was quite gnarly.

My doctor was hilarious. He books all his colonoscopies at the hospital to take place on the same day, doing one after the other. Mine was in the afternoon. Anyways, he comes out to the waiting room to talk to the receptionist after looking up people's asses all morning and he's casually eating a sandwich. I just thought that was funny for some reason.

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