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Fleet enema- kind of terrified?

Hello again!

I'm having an MRI next month, and luckily I'm going to be able to drink milk rather than the yucky contrast. But the only downside, is I have to give myself a fleet enema two hours prior.

I've never given myself an enema or uh, had anything up there aside from scopes lol, so I'd just like to know what to expect. Im really not looking forward to this... at all.
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When I had to do them I had to use two and well its not very comfortable squirting fluid up in you... but just make sure you follow the directions and all will be fine... In my opinion scopes are worse haha. Its uncomfortable didnt cause me much pain and when its done its done Good luck.
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I did one prior to my flex sig and had no issues with it. Little uncomfortable trying to hold it in but its over in a couple minutes. Much better than full bowel prep.
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I had two of these before my surgery last year. When I found out I was having enemas, I got scared too, so don't worry you aren't alone in that. Although I had a nurse do mine so it was easier than doing it myself, the experience as a whole wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. It was uncomfortable, but it didn't really hurt, and it was over in under a minute. Make sure you relax as much as you can and follow the instructions you've been given as accurately as possible. However horrible it is, remember that it won't last long.

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