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Protection for Stomas?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this as I'm new.
I have a Stoma and use a 2piece system. Does anyone know if its possibe to buy a hard case that goes over the colostomy bag?.. My reason for needing this is so I can go paint balling etc.
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We have a Stoma subforum, but I'll request that this thread is moved there for you.
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Great thanks
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Creggers, your thread is now in the Stoma subforum. Hopefully you will get some good answers in here.
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You can buy these different belts which serve as a stoma protector/noise muffler and also help with hernia prevention. There is a few on the market but they all do the same sorta thing. I ordered the Stomaplex one and im just waiting for it. Ive heard good reviews about all of them, here's the links:
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Hi Creggers and

I don't have any personal experience for you but there is a short thread about stoma protection HERE
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I don't have anything to add either, but welcome to our little group

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I do want to add another newer product to this list. This one is unique in the fact that it doesn't require a bulky belt like the other products mentioned.

I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who's tried it (they aren't available yet).
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Hey Creggers,i see your in the UK,I got a belt and guard from my gp on prescription from Fittleworths,Its not unlike the Ostyarmour but the belt is bigger and feels more secure,
this is what i have,I use it when i go mountain biking and it works a treat,I was recomended it from someone on here,Phone fittleworths,ask them to order it and you should get it on prescription,Hope this helps

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