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Could I have Crohns?

Hi guys.

Last year in August I came down with an unknown illness that doctors told me was a virus and it would go. It eventually did go after about six weeks. Symptoms started with abdominal pains and sickness, low grade fever and really bad fatigue. Basically stayed like this but the sickness got worse and I was dizzy, generally awful. I couldn't get out of bed in this time and my life just stopped. I went to A&E once where I was referred to a doctor who said due to my history low B12 levels I may have Crohns. I was supposed to send a stool sample, which I did but they lost the results so I don't know what it showed. My illness gradually disappeared so I decided not to chase it up and thought it may have been a virus after all.

Now, it has come back. Exactly the same as before - same pattern of events with the symptoms. I know how fobbed off I was by the docs last time so I'm hesitant to go back. I know how much my life was on hold last time and it makes me worry it is going to last as long. I'm due to go travelling in six weeks and the idea that I won't be able to go and will lose 3000 makes me feel even more sick!

Anyway, I just want to ask if any of this sounds like Crohns. When it was first mentioned to me I didn't think it was, but due to it coming back with the same symptoms, I know Crohns sufferers have flare ups so it's made me think about it again. I'm just at my wits end trying to find out what it is. Being ill is bad but it's even worse when you can't tell your family/friends/employer what it actually is. People start thinking you're making it up

Thanks in advance.
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Hi impossible. Welcome to the forum. I understand your frustration in not knowing and the prospect of not traveling. Inflammatory Bowel Disease can be very hard to diagnose and unpredictable.

I really can't tell you if it's crohn's or not. I'd recommend you talk to the doctor about getting a full blood work and stool sample test done. Also ask for a referral to a GI doctor for further testing.

I hope you are able to get some answers soon. Check out the undiagnosed section on the forum. You are certainly not alone.

May I ask, what is the history?
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It sounds like it could be Crohn's, but you really need to get those stool samples and a colonoscopy to be sure. Are you able to get referred to a GI? How many bowel movements are you having a day? What are those like?

Have you gotten a blood test recently to check on your iron/hemoglobin?
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That doctor was ignorant to just tell you he thinks you have a disease without even checking things out. You honestly need to get checked out, maybe a stool test, some comprehensive blood work etc.. It could anything you are dealing with, IBS, IBD, Virus, Mono, Lyme, etc...) or it could be none of the above. What bowel issues are you having? Another possibility could be Celiac disease. It can cause all those symptoms as well. The only to know is to go get checked. Good luck and hope you find an answer and some relief...
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It could be crohns and a flare up of disease. Certain blood tests to check inflammatory markers and a stool test are needed. Further testing like a colonoscopy or imaging studies will likely be needed if the first tests don't show something.

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