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Infliximab for another year!

I saw my GI today and I'm very happy that I am allowed infliximab for another year.

I had asked about this before on here, and it seems that in the UK, NICE guidelines suggest you use it to get into remission, so the situation is assessed after a year.

I was worried considering I am a year into treatment and doing really well that they wouldn't let me continue. My GI seems like a really nice guy. I know he just wants the best for his patients, he said its not really his decision. But he is letting me have it for another year on the basis that I get a few symptoms a week before the infusion.

So I'm really grateful for the result today. Although slightly worried it wont continue this time next year.

Meanwhile enjoying a healthy and happy remission! Hope this is a positive post to give others hope. I know I will always be faced with ups and downs with this illness. But right now I am very much enjoying an up!
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Congrats on your remission! I love hearing people are feeling better!

Very glad they let you keep on the meds for another year, I hope that things keep getting better for you!
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