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Amount of years between Colonoscopies

I was wondering how often you guys have been told that you need a colonoscopy. Have you been told every 3 years or every 5? My original GI told me that I need one every 3 years. But, I'm finding out every time I turn around that this new insurance does things a bit differently than what I grew up with. I see my GI in about 3 weeks and will be asking him the same thing. But was hoping you guys might tell me what you've heard as well.

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I've been told every three. I had my first in 2011 and my second in 2014.
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Every other year for me
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I think while you are flaring you should have one at least every year, and then after that I think its suggested every 2 or 3.
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Ouch Droopy! afidz, I guess that I can understand having one that often if you're constantly in a flare. I think mostly for the question is that so much is different with this insurance of mine from what I originally was used to that I'm starting to question of what's the real normal and what I grew up with.

If I'm correct, in 2015 I will have my next colonoscopy. Because I switched insurance last year I can't remember if this will be #4 or #5 for me.
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Yearly when flaring, right now every other also depends on how long you have had your disease, because the risk of of other complications increases.....

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I had two last year and before that I was getting them about every 10 months or so . I haven't been able to skip a year for about four years . Luckily I get my treatment at the Veteran's hospital so insurance is not an issue. I am finally feeling well . I am going to request to skip this year , barring no health complications . So to answer your question my answer would be too often .
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My GIs have always said every other year, although I've had more than that just because I always have issues. I do know of some people who go 7+ years without a scope, and these are people who have IBD Kinda jealous, ha.
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I have at least one a year sometimes two if things are very bad.

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I'm every 3. Unless I'm having issues, then sooner. Depending on situation.
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I was told every 7 years.
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Every two years for me.
But I always end up having them more frequently.
And I'm ok with that.
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After my reversal operation (June 2011) the GI consultant wanted me to have a colonoscopy after 6 months, to see how the join was going, and then yearly. However because they both showed clinical remission we substituted a calprotectin test for the colonoscopy that was due December 2013. (Research has shown that there is a good correlation between calprotectin results and what is found with a scope)

This is a win-win situation. The calprotectin test costs the NHS a lot less than a colonoscopy and uses far less consultant's time. The lower cost means that I can have them routinely done every 6 months and there's no prep required. (It's done on the understanding that if the calprotectin shows active disease then a scope will be carried out)
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We have never been told a schedule. We just do them when the GI says. We have had 2 in 1.5 yrs. I don't think that common though. If there doesn't show much outward change thinking there is inflammation i'd think 2-3 yrs would be good.

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We've been told every 10 years if in remission and no issues going on. That was by a pediatric GI so maybe a adult GI would tell us something different.
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It was 10 years for me and I only had one so we could see if any damage before we started trying for children.
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So far every two years but was told it is likely to be every three.,can't say with a new GI
who is far better than the first.Of course it does depend on need when problems arise.
Sometimes with that prep I forget to be grateful---but we are so fortunate to have these dedicated professionals looking after us.,and who can be just as upset as we are when they find something.
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I believe for Grace I was told every three years but at a certain age it will be six years.
Of course that's if she ever finds remission.
She's already been scoped twice in a year and looking to add a third time if she gets worse.
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Every year for me
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Cross-stitch gal
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My GI said depending on if it's Crohn's or Colitis & where your inflammation is it's every 2 years after you've been diagnosed for 10 or 18 years.
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I was diagnosed at 19. I had my first colonoscopy in 2003 (diagnosis), and then did not have one again until 2010 (severe flare). Switched to a new GI who is a Crohn's subspecialist, we did another one in 2012 to check the efficacy of our medication plan. Now that I am over 30 the standard of care is for a colonoscopy annually. Apparently once you have Crohn's for more than 10 years the risk factor for colon cancer increases, requiring the annual colonoscopy.

As I am not a fan of this procedure, I did a little searching and found that the latest journal articles do recommend the annual colonoscopy every 10 years. For me thats a bit much, so I'm trying to stretch them out a little further.

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