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Best tests to rule out crohn's? blood tests normal?

Hi, I was wondering if you can have crohn's even with a normal blood test ( c reactive protein test). Blood test was normal except for a bit of iron anemia. Every doctor I've been to has labeled me as ibs d without doing more than a blood test. I finally got the new gi to do an upper gi but it was normal and he just gave me some bentyl ( which made my stomach hurt instantly) and sent me off. I've asked for a ct or mri several times but none of them are interested in doing it. I've had bad stomach issues my whole life. Sometimes I'll be able to eat semi normally a month or so but the only reason I'm doubting the ibs label is when my stomach does act up it's not a one day thing, it's a nuclear meltdown that has me living on boost drinks and greek yogurt for anywhere from 3 days if it's not too bad to 3 weeks then after than i can only keep chicken and rice down for another week or two. When it gets bad I also get low grade fevers and everything aches. The last year I've also had continuous bad pressure and dull pain on my left side under my ribs with a small spot that never moves that has sharper stabbing pain, that spot on my stomach also dips in a bit this last year yet the drs keep saying it's normal and just ibs. What test would give the best view of any issues in that area? Sorry for the long post : )
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The best test for inflammation in the GI tract outside a colonoscopy with biopsies is the fecal calprotein test. That should be the test you request.
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thank you : )
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Hi there,

While blood tests are a great tool for getting an over all picture of things, they are not always the most accurate way of looking for inflammation in conditions like crohns and UC. I would ask for a fecal calprotein, but I would also push for imaging, as although the fecal tests can pick up ongoing inflammation, they can't pick up areas of scar tissue which can also cause symptoms. If your GI keeps being resistant then I would suggest switching to someone else, you are well within your rights to get second opinions and beyond, so if you don't feel like you are being taken seriously, then maybe its time to find someone else.

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Thanks I'll definitely be switching GI's if he doesn't agree to do a ct or mri to make sure the bad side pain isn't something to be worried about. He had the nerve to say the pressure and sharp pain I've had is a pulled muscle, i think i would have remembered doing something like that and i doubt it would be hurting for a year lol. Thanks again for all the help : )
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Hi Roxas!
The best test to diagnose CD is a Colonoscopy. Theyre not the best most pleasent things ever but theyre really helpfull.

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