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Trying to Pass Stool - Help!

Hey guys
I potentially have this blockage thing, causing much pain. Had to go to the ER twice, where they gave morphine shots, then GI doc saw CT scan and said there is indeed stool stuck up in me.

By tomorrow morning, if this stool isn't out, then I have to go back to the ER they said. For "help."

They have given me laxatives, Miralax, which I have been dutifully drinking.

I've also been walking sometimes when I'm not in so much pain.

Nothing seems to be working. I've let out nothing more than a tiny bit of gas, which took a tremendous effort and am still having difficulty doing, and don't know what to do.

My brother recently had to go to the hospital and had his stomach pumped due to a partial obstruction. I don't want that to happen to me!

Any ideas, advice, help on how to get this stool out greatly appreciated!!! I'm pretty desperate!
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Have you tried an enema?
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Treat enemas with care - some enhance muscle contractions which could be dangerous if you are impacted or obstructed. There are mineral oil ones that can act like a lubricant. A couple years back, I obstructed due to narrowing in the rectum. It required a week in hospital to finally pass a pill cam, and lots of discomfort. Hopefully things move for you soon and nothing major is required.
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What dosage of miralax are you taking? You may need to increase daughter is now taking 1/2 cap full one a day, but to get things moving she needed to almost do a score prep for a day!

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I think glycerine suppositories work great, and can usually be bought over the counter without a prescription. Best to ask a pharmacist first.
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Definitely increase your fluids,plenty of water,don,t force it won,t help.exercise may help,if your able,sit ups,ab crunches,I personally find a shot on the rowing machine helps and an exercise for a dodgy knee that helped me with 7 day constipation stretch,it's easy and can be done at home,lie on the floor pull your knee up to your chest and squeeze and hold for a 5 count stretch your leg out keep leg raised for 5 count then alternate it's meant for knees but it helps other ways.if anything hurts don,t do it and obviously if your post op don,t attempt anything.good luck all the best.
P.s one from my nurse if you feel like you gotta go and can,t and your on the throne sit your feet on something to raise them higher,think about the angle we,ll avoid the details
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Thank you so much everyone!

At the ER they gave me a suppository and an enema.

The enema hurt SO bad. I was in so much pain, that after they had to give me some morphine. (only a little, as it can cause constipation)

They also sent me home with Magnesium Citrate and more Miralax.

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