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Hi - my name is Pip and had crohns diagnosed over 20 years ago. I was very lucky and had no major issues up until I gave up smoking 6 years ago and now it seems to be downhill with the wind behind !!! I was an emergency admittance 6 months ago to A & E and found to have 2 Strictures so had a left hemicolectomy and an ileo caecal resection. All things went well for 4months and then pain etc started - had the fecal calprotectin test and results were high 600-700 then the crp and esr were up around 30.. I guess all the inflammation is back and due a colonoscopy soon to see what extent it has returned. On azathioprine at present. Question - should I start smoking again? I once heard that smoking can help !!!!!
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I'm sorry to hear everything went down hill. Interestingly enough smokers with ulcerative Colitis are not encouraged to quit because studies show it has a preventative effect. That being said nobody who isn't a smoker Is encouraged to start.

The reverse is true for crohns anyway, smoking exacerbates the disease. The flare up is most likely a coincidence but I would not start smoking again.
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Hi there and welcome to the community.

A lot of people find that smoking helps them deal with stress. When you stopped smoking, did you feel stressed? A lot of people who stop smoking also greatly change their eating habits. When you stopped smoking, did your eating habits change? If so, how? Did ANYTHING else change when you stopped smoking?

As NGNG said above, usually people with Crohn's disease have a worse outlook when they smoke (the opposite is true for Ulcerative Colitis). Now, there are always those outlier cases, but what I'd like us to explore is what changed as a result of you stopping smoking.
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