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Supplements while on remicade?

I just started Remicade a few days ago for a bad flare and bad fistula. I can already feel it working- thank goodness!

But here's my question. I really wanted to avoid remicade and tried to manage with scd and supplements (natural stuff had worked for my crohns in the past.) This time they weren't enough. So while the remicade is doing it's thing I'm trying to find ways to heal my body naturally and maybe prevent/lessen the risks and side effects of the remicade and preserve/boost my immune system. I'm a little confused about what's safe to use and what's not. I assume that some immune boosters (echineacia for instance) would be counter productive to the remicade. But what about vitamin c? Garlic? Ginger? Wheatgrass? Spirulina? I don't want my immune system to be shot! But I also know that's kind of part of the trade off. Does anyone have suggestions or thoughts about this? I just want to cover all my bases in trying to protect my body from remicade's negative effects.
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I know there's a thread going in the Parents of IBD section of the forum where people are discussing to avoid immune system boosters. I actually found that since starting Remicade/Humira I don't get sick anymore, so as long as you avoid germs I think you're really okay. (I got sick way more often before!)

Make sure to be careful in public, try not to touch things if you can (I generally try to use my sleeves instead) or carry hand sanitizer with you. If you do have to touch something you think has a lot of germs on it, make sure you can wash your hands afterwards if you can.

I regularly take Vitamin D, as well as iron supplements -- but the iron supplements are because I regularly have low iron/low ferritin. Otherwise those are really the only things I find I need for my body.
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