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I am under going all sorts of tests atm because I am going through horrible pain. After my infection went away (it was a very long procedure before it was finally controlled, over 1 year, not sure if that's normal or not for crohns) I was left with these pain episodes/attacks. I have had these for about 3 years every few weeks and then since last october they never went away. I think they might be adhesions as nothing else can be found, going back to the hospital on the 16th of may to probably plan am investigative surgery.

My symptoms :
- Any pressure (even my own arm laying on my stumach) will cause pain.
- When the doctor pushes on my stumach to "feel" I had to recover for 3 weeks from intense pain.
- I can't work, I can barely clean the house without getting too much pain.
- Constipation
- Endoscopy / colonoscopy / blood / mri / xray all show nothing
- Passing stool and passing...wind... Hurts

Last week I was o.k. for a bit until I lifted a grocery basket, now I am having to rest again.

It has gotten up to the point that I have had to take 100mg tramadol 4x a day + paracetamol and just be "zombie-mode" and even then I was still in pain.

I am getting desperate... What is this??? The only thing I can think of are adhesions as the rest should have been visible with all the tests right?

What do you think?

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I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you might have, but I hope someone else on our forum can give you advice. I'm glad to hear that you're going to get some exploratory surgery, though.

Do you have anyone who is able to help you around the house, or with groceries so you don't strain yourself?
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Is the pain in one spot only? There may be chances of a hernia or I have heard of some people getting twists or kinks in their bowels. I think I have had adhesions, but nothing causing symptoms like this. In any case, try to keep well until May, and don't hesitate to seek out help if it gets worse.
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My partner helps me out alot but as soon as I start feeling a bit better I over do it. (trying not to but it's difficult letting other people do everything)

It is in one spot, left lower side, around the exact area my inflamation was.

Thank you for the replies.

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I have had surgery for adhesions but I don't Crohn's. My adhesions were discovered when I had a laparoscopy, the doctors were looking for endometriosis.

The drs believe my adhesions were caused by infection I don't have endometriosis. 6 hours of micro surgery improved by pain levels greatly.
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I have scar tissue from my past resection. The scar does not show up in tests oddly enough (CT scan, MRI, MRE or small bowel follow through) but a blockage or partial blockage will (inflammation would also show). So if you've had a past resection then you may be dealing with scar tissue yet your symptoms do sound more extreme than my own (unless you're dealing with blockages, those are painful and can be life threatening). They've checked your other organs to make sure any of them aren't the cause of your pain? None of the tests showed any kind of blockage, not even a partial one?
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@ Catherine: I am glad to hear that the micro surgery helped you and that you are feeling better

@Jennifer: I do have blockages and am taking movicol for that. Though the last few week I have been going to the toilet everyday or every other day so I had no need to take it. I have been wondering the same thing about maybe it is something else then my intestine. I guess I will have to wait what the doctors want to do next... I just hate the waiting and not knowing


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