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Considering Prednisone

I've had UC for about 2 months now, and been on Mesalamine for 3 weeks. My effects got a little better but then yesterday they got worse again. I am getting really sick of symptoms and my doctor prescribed prednisone. 40 mg for a week, then 30 mg for a week, then 20, then cutting down by 5 mg a week. So a total of 8 weeks. However I'm petrified of the side effects. Reading online it sounds like nearly everyone has weight gain, some severity of moonface, or depression amongst other things. I'm a high school student that has spent the last 2 years working out and losing weight to finally get to a point where I'm happy with my body. I'm really not willing to put any weight back on, or deal with moonface, especially with stuff like prom coming up. Should I stick with mesalamine a while longer? Try a mesalamine enema?
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Prednisone is fantastic for putting people in remission. The side effects while not pleasant are temporary. If you continue your same exercise regime then weight gain will be minimal, as far as the moonface, it happens. The longer you are on the drug the worse it gets, however the it recedes quickly when you are off of the drug. For a two month course the physical changes (if you see them) are easily dropped when you're finished.
I was on it for several years, I've always been tubby, however the amount of weight I gained was nowhere close to how much I lost during my first flare.
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Im on pentasa and when this didnt work too great my IBD nurse put me on pentasa enemas. This made me 10x worse. Defentialty thought it was worth a go though. He also recommended steriods but we are going to try new medication first as i dont want to be put on steriods yet.
Its really up to you and what you want to try so dont let them push you into anything you do not want.

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I actually experienced a decreased appetite with prednisone, and didn't get bloating the last time I was on it. I think as long as you watch your intake you should be fine, and any moon face is temporary and will go away when you stop.

I know the side-effects can sound scary, but if it works for you it'll keep you from needing to go on stronger and scarier medication! It usually did the trick for me for getting me back into remission. It sounds like you might need a little more than the Pentasa right now to help you, so this hopefully will.
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