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Thank you all for being there- here is a little about me!

I have been posting for a while, since I was diagnosed basically and had so many questions, and realized I have never posted in Your Story.

I am not one for too many details but I will say I visited this site often when I was flared last summer through winter. Especially when i was on prednisone and going insane. It was good to know others were feeling the crazy.

While I am still on a lot of meds and clinically, will not know how I am doing until my next set of tests in August, on a day-to-day basis, I feel relatively ok! In fact, I have decided to run the Detroit Women's Half Marathon in September! I am a long long way away from being ready, as I have lost a lot of weight and strength in the past year. I am excited to feel like I am moving forward though. I have felt like my body has regressed for so long.

Just wanted to say thanks for being there! In many ways, I have learned more from this site than the doctors.

Currently on budesonide and immuran
NEVER taking prednisone again
Interested in holistic therapies

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It's so great that you are feeling well! I hope that your tests in August go well!
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Thanks for sharing Your Story, Olive.

I am so excited for you to run! I'm a runner, too, and I understand what you mean about not being ready. Life sure has changed for us since getting sick, right? I love that you are not letting your disease define who you are.

Way to go and good luck on the half-marathon!

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Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Thank you all for being there- here is a little about me!
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