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Foggy days

Im new here obviously and not one to participate in forums or tell my buisness but this has me pretty lost. An as the title implies every day seems to be a foggy mess.

I have always had a nervous stomach I guess you could say. Everytime I got stressed or had anxiety I had stomach issues. A couple years ago I was passing allot of blood and went to the gastro. He did a scope and found allot of hemorrhoid's, hiatel hurnia, scarring from acid reflux and diverticulosis. No inflammation. I was so relieved because our old neighbor had crohns and it destroyed her life....we all watched in horror. At 15 years old then I new I definitley did not want crohns. Aw hell no. Im positive most of the above was caused by how poorly I ate even as a child.

So now i find bits of red blood in stool. Go back to gastro and get the pill cam. Everything looks find until he sees a small patch of inflammation in small intestines. Now i am scheduled for another colonoscopy next week. I know their is a chance the inflammation could be from something else but I also am coming to grips that all my stomach pain and issues could also be crohns.

I am 24 into bodybuilding and trying to become a cop and am a giant man baby at this point. Ive always had anxiety and depression but the thought of having crohns is so terrifying. I mean I dont have to aware you all on how horrific this stuff can become. I cant sleep and have been on my own special diet (into health stuff like green shakes, wheatgrass juice etc..). Tonight I got so pissed at my stomach/selfpity I ate the most carb rich meaty crap I could with old desert just to see if my stomach could take it. In hindsight big mistake.

Anyway sorry for the ramble I am just freaking out big time. My other biggest fear in life is kidney stones as my dad suffered from them at a young age and freaked me right out. Now upon reading there is a link to them and having crohns. That made my night.

All in all I give each and every one of you all my respect. Living your life with torment and making the most of the cards your dealt. Even if I dont have crohns I atleast have a small taste of what it is like and can appreciate how amazing you all truely are. Because it seems really easy to just curl into a ball and let it consume you.

I havnt done much reading on it as it just makes my anxiety worse but being big into nutrition I do believe todays insane way of eating and the crap we put into our bodies is a huge contributing factor to diseases like this. The bacteria thing (MAP..?i think) makes allot of sense to me. Guess all we can do is pray this bull gets a cure fast.

Also a question. Do any of you think IBS at its simpliest form (stomach cramps, bloating blah blah) but no imflammation is just a beginning stage of rohns. I dont mean does IBS get misdiagnosed before the doctor realizes its crohns. I mean if we knew what caused crohns 100%, lets say it was bacteria, do you think IBS might be the beginning stages?

Im a man baby freaking out. Fiance awares me that some people have cancer and Im still blessed even If i have it. I tell her to shutup cause she doesnt have crohns, get slapped.
How does one go into a active career with the craps and stomach pain?
Me freaking out again
What the hell is IBS and why was I told I have that when I may have crohns.

thanks for your time,
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Hi there,
and welcome. Sorry you are so worried just now, but the not knowing is really worse than the dealing with the illness. IBS does not lead to Crohns. I have had Crohns for years but did not know it! I was originally diagnosed with Diverticulitis. It was only when I experienced constant tummy pain that further investigation led to diagnosis of Crohns collitis. It is a very individual illness and we each respond to treatment as such.
I too had a stone in the kidney many years ago but was not hospitalized as it passed. Yes it takes time to get the right meds that suit you but you can work with it. It can also go into remission , no pain or other symptoms. Yes, it is a rotten illness but take one day at a time and make the most of it!!!!
Certain foods can trigger it off with Dia.. so learn what these are and avoid. For me, that is creamy or rich sauces. It is not caused by what you eat though.
I do not want to laden you with too much info but I hope I have been a little help to you. Do not worry! Feel free to ask me questions. I hope all goes well for you and your future plans for your career as a policeman. Best wishes.:
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hi zeppi! Hang in there and God bless.
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Welcome to the forum emzeppi.

I completely understand the paranoia. We all go through it at one point or another. I have IBD and IBS, and yes, they are two completely different issues. IBS is basically my guts having a panic attack, but IBD is a whole new story. One will not lead to the other, though.

Several of my good friends are body builders. I believe that gives you a bonus - a huge bonus - if you ever do fall ill. You are eating as healthy as you know how to do, and that will help you a lot. I say to keep doing what you're doing with your health. And I know it's easier said than done, but don't worry! You have the right to be a man baby, but no need to worry over things that you can't control.

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Welcome to the forum Zeppi

I have read THOUSANDS of accounts of Crohn's disease. I'll never call myself an expert, but I have a pretty good feel for things. With that said, I'd bet money that you don't have Crohn's. I could be wrong of course, but I'd be surprised.

There's a million potential causes of inflammation like was seen on the pillcam. For example, been taking any ibuprofen lately such as advil, motrin, etc?

Either way, I look forward to meeting you. I have some ideas that should help
It's good to be back
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Hi Zeppi, even if it is crohns, there is no saying that you will be really ill with it. Physical exercise is great for you, my friend's son works as a gardener and he has had no problems with his crohns. You need a diagnosis first, there are many cause of inflammation and so I wouldn't anticipate the results.

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