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Blood in Stool

I went to the bathroom this morning and there was blood in my stool and I am not sure if I should be concerned about this. I can't put my finger on what would cause this. I did have a fistula that was cleared up with a seton a year and half ago and it has not really been a problem except when I am going to the bathroom frequently throughout the day and it becomes very sore and some times bleeds. I have not been going to the bathroom as often as I normally do. Normally I will go and it is always liquid and now over the past couple days it has been soft and by no means hard. I haven't been straining to go to the bathroom either. I had a bowel resection several years ago and have been free of really any Crohn's symptoms except for my bodies ability to process short chain carbohydrates making me go to the bathroom sometimes 5 plus times a day. I am probably over reacting, but I know when I saw my doc going through all of the trials and tribulations with Crohn's prior to surgery my doc always asked if my stool was bloody. Wanted to know if anyone has experienced anything like this and if I should do anything about?
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Hello Skywalker
Welcome to the forum.
It is always a good idea to inform your GI whenever bleeding occurs.
It could be an indicator of something happening.
They need to take a look and see what's going on.
Call soon or go to ER if there is a lot of blood and especially if it seems to be increasing.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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The bleeding may be a sign of inflammation. Either get a blood test for inflammation or go to the ER like Trysha suggested. If you are in flare you will want to be treated immediately, especially if you have fistulizing Crohn's. You don't want your fistula getting irritated or to develop another one.

When I was in flare I would always get blood in my stool. What medication are you on?
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Thanks for the reply. I have been med free since my resection in Jan 2012, I also have not really been experiencing a flare, which is why I find it weird to find blood in my stool. I was diagnosed with Crohn 's in 2008 and really went through a lot of pain and suffering prior to surgery, but I never had blood in my stool. My fistula has cleared up, there is some decent scar tissue that has formed near the rectum that becomes irritated sometimes and bleeds. This area has not been irritated. I haven't changed my diet and I never have a solid movement nor can I ever really pass gas due to always having liquid movements. Recently, past three days, I have been passing gas and having movements that are in between liquid and solid.

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