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Hi, everyone I hope all out there are having a pain free day I was dx with Crohn's about 5 years ago and since then I've had 2 surgeries one with an ilestomy which will be a year in July. I have managed to miss alot of important events in my life due to this disease and I'm hoping the ilestomy will allow me to enjoy more with my family, the worst was not being there for the birth of my 1st grandchild I was in the hospital. My daughter was dx with Crohn's 2 years ago so my hope in joining today I will be able to communicate with others who understand.
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Hi, welcome to the forum. You've certainly found the right place where there are others who have been through what you and your daughter have suffered and give can you support and advice when you need it. It's a great place for asking questions as you can go into all the gory details, if you need to, and nobody will bat an eyelid. (Not something I'd recommend in everyday situations)
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Hello nabbott, and welcome to the forum.

I am so sorry. Not only do you have to live with this horrible disease, but also that you must watch your daughter suffer as well. That is truly heartbreaking. Also, it must have been very difficult to miss the birth of a grandbaby.

Take time to look around the forum and how to navigate to your favorite threads and clubs. I hope you'll feel right at home here.

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Welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry to hear what you've been going through, and now your daughter as well. How are the two of you doing now?

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Welcome to the forum!

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