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Irregular or regular cycles?

I was referred to gynaecology at the hospital by my GP as I have a few concerns about pains that I experience around where my fallopian tubes are every month and around ovulation, so bad that I once rushed to hospital thinking I was having an ectopic pregnancy but the dr did an internal exam, said my fallopian tube was swollen and tender but didn't know what it was so I was sent home with painkillers.
I have had surgery to remove my large intestine and rectum and I worry incase there is any scar tissue present internally, my GP thinks I may have endometriosis.
I have also been off contraceptives for 2 years since my surgery and have never become pregnant.

my first appointment with the hospital about this is Thursday and I have been trying to monitor my cycles but I cant work out whether they would be classed as regular or irregular can you give me your opinions?


was trying to find a definition of irregular cycles and it just said 'cycles that are not roughly the same time each month'.

its very confusing, thankyou for your help in advance!
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From what I found regular cycle are having a duration of 22-35 days, and irregular are the one that are less than 22 days or more than 35. So it seems most of your's would fall into the regular cycle categories at the exception of 2.

Unfortunately I don't have much word of wisdow regarding this. All I know is that laparoscopic exams are needed to determine endometriosis. Do you know if your surgeon had seen anything related to that when you had your surgery. Sometimes they write notes. I know I've asked mine to check when I got my second surgery to let me know if I had any trace of it as this condition runs in my family. Now... would he have done it if I had not asked... I can't tell.
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