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Newbie :)

Hi Guys! Well, I'm new to this but I decided I needed some support.

Crohn's diagnosis: November 2013
Hospitalized Twice since; most recently April 2014.

Previous medications: Budesonide, Pentasa

Current medications: Delzicol (which isn't working), Cipro (which I believe is causing me to loose my mind), Flagyl and Predisone
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Hi Indiana_Peach and welcome. This is a great place for info and to find people who can relate.
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Thank you!
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Hello Indiana Peach Welcome to the forum hun.

I noticed you're in Georgia, so I guess that makes you a sweet Georgia Peach too. I was born there, and my mother has nicknamed me as such.

I see that you were hospitalized in April. Are you still in the hospital? How are you feeling now?

Looking forward to hearing from you, and hope you're well.

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Welcome Indiana Peach, love the name!
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Hello there, welcome to the forum

You'll find plenty of support here, we all know what this feels like and will do what we can to help you, so if you have any questions please ask .

What are your current symptoms?
Can I ask why you think the cipro is making you loose your mind? It may be the prednisolone.

Have you spoken to your GI about a longer term Treatment plan yet? If not then id advise you do that as soon as you can, since the sooner this is controlled the better it will be for you.

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Hi Indiana Peach. Yes steroids are a bugger. I become manic, can't sleep, want to eat everything that doesn't move. A friend told me I had a total personality change when I was on them long time. When you are newly diagnosed, it is a matter of finding the right meds. I am on Pentsa and Imuran, I find these work for me with little side effects. It is early days, coming to terms with a chronic condition is difficult.

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