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Newbie....Crohn's came back after years

I was diagnosed in 2007 after being hospitalized with a complete intestinal blockage and then in 2008 hospitalized again with a fistula...very traumatizing but I healed very well and started living again. I'm married with two daughters and at the time they were at points in their lives where they needed me and I couldn't be there because I had to take care of me...I'm still angry about it. Well to make a long story short, it came back and I found myself back in the hospital for only a few days this time with an abscess. I'm home healing...I'm a little stronger this time, my children are grown so I have more time to myself and I'm getting better every day
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Welcome to the forum aburns. I am sorry you are not feeling good. I am glad that you have more time to take care of you self. I hope you keep getting better and better.
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Welcome to the forum!

I'm glad your recovery is going better for you this time. I hope it continues to go well!

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Hello aburns.

I understand well the anger and pain of not being there for my family. It is a long hard road when every ounce of you wants to be a parent, but you just cannot muster the strength to be the parent you long to be. I find myself cycling through the emotional stages much more these days. Here's a great thread to check out.

It's really great news that you're getting better each day. I hope it continues to go upward for you.

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That's wonderful you were able to recover from your fistula and start a family! That gives me some hope after I developed one last summer.

I hope the abscess heals well and that you'll be back to normal soon.
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