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danman said:
Alex Ferguson.

The same stuff that comes out of the stoma.... comes out of his mouth everytime he speaks.

i guess i could've called mine Gordon in that case, but he wasn't around then
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My wife was diagnosed with Crohn's last november and she is having her second flare up in less than a year. They say she has some absesses on her intestines and it is very likely she will need surgery and also likely she will need a colostomy. It is really scary but after reading some of all of your posts I am encourage. One question I do have is if a colostomy is permanent or temporary and under what conditions for either?
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Hi Vintage,

A colostomy can be EITHER permanent or temporary. Basically, it depends on the reason they are doing it. For example, for crohns/IBD patients or cancer patients, sometimes the colon becomes so messed up or tumor laden that they just take it or a substantial portion of it out. In these cases, the colostomy is permanent because there is no longer intestine below it.

However, at times the problem is just that the colon is so inflamed that medicine isn't working. In those cases, they will try what they call a temporary diversion where they do a colostomy to let the intestines "rest" without the poo running through it (sort of like a river...but grosser). I think this is also used when abscesses form or there is a perforation of a bowel (such as during a colonoscopy or surgery) and the colon needs to heal.

So basically, it'll depend on what your wife's doctor says about the severity of her disease, where it is, and that sort of thing.

Hope this helps.
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I wanted to thank you all for this information. My doctor told me today I'm going to have an ileostomy and my mind immediately went to colostomy bag. Thank goodness for this site and you wonderful people. I have Crohn's Disease so I think I'll stick around. Thank you again!
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Hi: I have had a colostomy for ten months and have had it reversed for a year but it was because of a bowel blockage. Sorry.
But I too, wanted to know difference between the 2, so I joined your site to say that No you do not have any control with output in colostomy bag. Yes I've read of irrigating to have more control but I don't even know the tools needed. I had a very inverted stoma that stayed moist and buried in a roll of fat so my body continuously tried to repair it so I had much difficulty if my stools were too firm it would get stretched and tear and if stools too loose I couldn't get a secure adhesive back that I could count on and sometimes had to change 3 times a day. That's why I had reversal after only ten months. I couldn't even control my stool output consistency to make a barrier stay in place. Anyway just thought I'd share.
So with Colostomy bags mainly being non-drainable, does this mean they have control of the waste output? Or is it free-running like with the ileostomy patients?

I just don't understand why they would use closed bags.

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