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Recently diagnosed

Well a bit about me I was recently diagnosd with crohns and colitis ended up in hospital unable to have a movement .they found a large mass in my large intes tines after removing the diseased part 4days latr the inflamation moved to the remaining part of my large intestine and caused internal bleeding along the sutures inside. So they removed the remainder of my colon knock on wood so far no osomy bag but I am facing one in the near furture
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So sorry to hear about your trouble Tigscub.

Many of us were diagnosed with Crohn's only to find that we had the disease for many years before we were diagnosed. In my case, it was totally accidental! I took a colonoscopy in December 2010 only because I was due and had fulfilled my out-of-pocket so it was free! A biopsy later and I was diagnosed. Go figure. I thought diarrhea and bloody stool and lower abdominal pain were just bad diet and bad luck.

Stay with your doctor's prescribed regimen of meds and stay close this forum and other resources until you find a comfortable place with your disease.

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Ty ti!mbh56 I have been trying to find out as much as I can about this disease I justhad my last apptvwith my. Surgeon and am now being sent to a gastroentologist I have nevr taken so many dfferent meds , my surgeon coulldnt find any oof my colonoscopys I've had done in the past and mybfamily dr at the time just kept saying it is ur ibs even tho. I had diarrheah for 7months never did a ct scan or anything thebfirst hospital I ended.up in i was pooping blood 2weeks later they kicked me out and a week later I ennded u in another hospital unable to go at all so they pumped me with 8liters of llaxatives and 11enemas and nothing came out soboff to surgury I went
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Hello, welcome to the forum

I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with this retched disease, but I'm glad you've found us .

Do you mind if I ask you what your current symptoms are? Are you taking any medications at the moment? I only ask because the more we know, the better we can help you.

Feel free to ask any and all questions that you have, although we might not always have an exact answer, we will always try to help you figure things out and will at least share our own experience so that you can see what might be available.

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