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A lame introduction

Two weeks ago results of a CT scan came back showing something in my ileum which possibly indicates IBD. In about a week I go in for an oscopy for more details.
Hours of googling have me thinking it is most likely Crohn's, but at this point I'm just hoping to find out something sooner rather than later.
My big concern is I don't feel like myself anymore. I'm irritable, depressed and impatient. Stressors which used to slide right off me, are really getting to me, leading to a downward spiral, in which I feel physically worse and am less resilient to stress.

I hate to complain. I've taken Facebook off of my mobile devices, because I don't want to whine and elicit pity. Even on this forum, I'm sure most folks have gone through worse.

But I am physically exhausted by the intestinal and lower back pain, and emotionally drained that I find I can't be the husband, father and worker I'd like to think of myself as being.

Phew... Whining done.

Anyway, I hope to learn a lot on this forum.
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Hello Bushi
Welcome to the forum.
It is not unusual to run the gamut of emotions while waiting for tests, results, more tests etc.
Once you are diagnosed and receive appropriate treatment you will start to feel better.
It is a very difficult time for you and sometimes Dr Google can make us feel worse.
Many of us on the forum have done this journey more than once and it can be debilitating in itself---especially the wait time for appointments and tests.
I try to get immersed in beautiful music, it has been shown that some of the great composers especially Mozart can alter brain patterns and make people feel better.
Worth a try don't you think?
There will no doubt be others along to help
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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First off, you aren't whining! IBD isn't fun, we all know that here and we understand the toll a diagnosis like this can have on you both mentally and physically. We are here for you if you need advice about anything, but we are also here to listen, this is a support forum and we will support you however we can.

Most people find that their emotions go a bit haywire during and after diagnosis, its normal and nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to moan, you moan, we won't judge you and we'll probably have a good moan with you .

The internet is a wonderful thing, but Dr Google can be misleading and scary. Its important to remember that when people are sick, they write for the world about it, when they get well, they forget about updating and go off and live their lives. Also, the most sensational stories get the most hits and therefore end up first on Google's list even if its a load of tosh so just be careful and take things with a pinch of salt.

Being in pain all the time is definitely draining and is enough to make anyone a bit tetchy. Hot baths and showers and heating packs can really help with stomach pain and aching muscles, and so can ice (be careful, only 10 mins a time and always covered). If you need painkillers, stay away from NSAIDs like ibprophen and aspirin as these can cause gastro issues to worsen.

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Had first consult with GI today. He believes I have Crohn's based on CT scan and symptoms. Colonoscopy and endoscopy scheduled in 4 weeks.
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Hi Bushi and welcome. I can definitely relate to how you are currently feeling at the moment. My battle for a diagnosis has been long and frustrating but last Wednesday, I was told that my MRI showed Crohn's in my Terminal Ileum. Although an MRI is not conclusive, the GI Consultant said that with all of my symptoms, she is confident in making that diagnosis. I am now also scheduled in to have a Colonoscopy so they can assess the extent of the inflammation and decide on the correct treatment plan.

It is a really scary time and despite the GI diagnosing me, I still feel somewhat in limbo not knowing exactly what state my intestines are in. I think all of us here will agree that at some point, we feel like a burden when we vent about our problem but I've learnt in less than a week that absolutely no-one on this forum will ever make you feel like that. I am sure this site is going to become a lifeline for me during my difficult times and I hope it becomes that for you too. Crohn's Disease is a really horrible and debilitating disease so having a whine when you need one is perfectly understandable. I for one will always be happy to listen and I'm sure everyone else on here feels the same way and will always be happy to help and reassure you.

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Hi Bushi
I don't say anything about my crohns on social media, instead I come on here to discuss, vent and support. We all understand what everyone is going through and how debilitating the illness is. As I am thinking about a permanent ileostomy I went on an ostomy site but while I found it helpful there were too many negative stories, I came here to talk about it and feel much better as a result. It is not unusual to feel low but the right medication will make you feel much better and there are people on here that only have a few flares, I hope you will be one of them.

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