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Advice needed :)

Hi to you all. New here. Be gentle
I have had a few symptoms lately and have discussed this with my doctor and he seems to think I have colitis. Awaiting the dreaded colonoscopy (first one) nervous wreck have to say. Been doing a lot of research and have various symptoms but not all thankfully. Was wondering how you guys deal with the such like. My main symptoms are pain in and around the colon, abdominal area. Little bit nausea from time to time but nothing drastic. So thinking if I am diagnosed maybe I'm one of the lucky ones, so to speak. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance Oh, and hair loss also...possibly through malabsorption?
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Your symptoms sound like mine (but that was a very, very long time ago).

I was prescribed a 5-ASA (sulfasalizine) at the time, and it was a miracle. I felt great and had normal bowels for years. I just quit taking the meds without talking to the doc and went for > decade without any symptoms. Anyway, the point was that I was prescribed the 5-ASA without even a colonoscopy (but that test wasn't as popular as it is today...the GI docs need to pay for the BMW). I can't take sulfasalizine anymore (make me feel sick to my stomach), but there's balsalizide, mesalimine, and a bunch of delayed release stuff that do the same thing (so the drug makers can extend patents). After your test, I suspect you'll get put on one of those and things will go well for you.

As to the test, like everyone says, the prep is the worst part. If your colon is already irritated because of the disease, then flushing twenty gallons of water through it is no fun at all. I've never been awake during a colonoscopy, and from what I understand, you reaaaaly don't want to be awake!

As to managing the symptoms, if the 5-ASA works for you, your're done! Those usuall don't have side effects and you can take them for years. They also have 5-ASA suppositories, which might be a way to put the drug closer to where the action is
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I'm in the UK and they don't give us GA here for colonoscopy, only sedation..... I truly am ''crapping'' myself. Pun intended. Thank you so much for your advice and story, it's greatly appreciated

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