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Hello everyone :)

Hi all,

I've been lurking on this forum for a while but finally thought I should introduce myself! I've been diagosed for over a year now and although feeling much better from Humira and Purinethol I have bad strictures in my terminal ileum so will likely be facing surgery in my upcoming uni holidays

I study nutrition/dietetics at uni and one of my biggest inconveniences from this disease is food limitations - I'm on a low FODMAP as well as low(ish) fibre diet. I find it so hard to eat healthy food!

If anyone wants to chat about food and/or surgery - hit me up!

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Hi Georgie. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll have some great insight for all of us.
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Hi Georgie

Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about the possible surgeries but good that meds are giving some relief.
Your point on food did make me smile though, I'm sooooo sick of trying to be healthy with what choices exactly lol I was dx crohns 28 years ago, I'll give you a laugh, their views back then were HIGH FIBRE and HIGH FAT. I was an inpatient for 2 weeks and at just under 4 stone there wasn't much of me left to lose hahaha They would make special meals for me, extra brown bread, cereal bars and they would sit on my bed and make me eat, I think even though they had the scope results to show I had severe crohns they thought I was just an 11 year old with anorexia ah good luck when I think back on it now they could have killed me.
I even remember in late 80's suggesting bowel rest during bad flares and they laughed at me now its a given along with low fibre and fat diet.
Take care
Gwen xxx
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Wow I cannot imagine how painful that kind of diet might have been! Although actually, before my diagnosis I was very into healthy "study snacks" (as I was undertaking my final year of high school) such as popcorn, nuts, dried fruit... all things that were surely making my guts feel 10x worse haha. At the moment my friends are pretty funny, but still caring about what I can and can't eat -they always tease me about giving me pears!!

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