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Anyone ever feel like giving up ?

Sometimes i just get so annoyed about my crohns, having to worry about needing the toilet, thinking places i could go if i did need the toilet, leaving lectures early to go to the toilet, it's endless, my life seems to revolve around the toilet....and I'm getting sick off it, and sometimes it just makes me think about giving up.

It's not even like I'm depressed or lonely or anything, I'm at uni, I've made loads of friends and I'm sharing a flat with them next semester, but still, it's always on my mind :-(.

And i know that there are a lot worse diseases and illnesses in the world, and i should stop bitching but....

Anyone got any advice on coping a bit better
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Hi there callum..

Im sorry things are getting to you ... This disease can be really tricky mentally as well as physically and it's normal to get fed up and feel like you want it to go away. Things do get better though.

What's your current treatment plan?

Yes, there are worse illnesses, but I think many would agree that crohns is bad enough. It is horrible to live with, it's painful and embarrassing at times and can really cause havoc.. But it doesn't have to control our lives. It is possible to get things under control, and it sounds to me like you might need to have your treatment plan looked at to make sure things are being controlled properly.

Is your university aware of whats going on? Do you have support in place?

You can moan here as much as you like and we will always try to help you. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember that you are not alone and things can get better.

Have you noticed if any particular foods seem to make things worse? Some people find that lowering fibre will help with frequency.. do you drink a lot of fizzy or sugary drinks? I find that can make my symptoms worse if I have too many in a few days. Try keeping a symptom diary, record what you eat and when, and how it effects your symptom.. That might help you find any links there.

If you ever need to chat you are more than welcome to message me, or I can send you my Facebook if you like.

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I feel like giving up today. I'm in a lot of pain and no idea when I'll be diagnosed. Waiting to get a letter from my consultant. My GP won't help me because I'm under the consultants care. But it takes ages to see the consultant. And every day that passes things are just getting more damaged and life gets more difficult. I feel pretty hopeless right now to be honest.
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I'm so sorry to hear all your going through.
I don't blame you one bit for feeling discouraged.
I think a lot of people have been in your shoes.
The good news is someday it will get better. How long it takes I'm not sure.
Your not alone.

Hugs and welcome to the forum.
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Hi Callum, sorry to hear you a having a tough time. You must let your tutors know at University, there are things that can be put in place to support you. I teach at a University and am always keen to make sure that students can be honest if they have a disability or chronic illness. It sounds like you are in a flare at the moment, are you taking meds for it? You can also take meds for diarrhoea, ask your Dr or GI. University can be very stressful, so make sure you have time to rest. And my advice is to tell your flat mate if you haven't already. Don't let the illness defeat you and/or defeat you. 30 years on, I am still battling through and am in my dream job.
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Hi mate,

Been suffering with colitis since 2005 now, it does get better and once it's under control you'll not even remember these bad times. It's really important to let your GP know as many symptoms as poss and to not be embarrassed when describing these to them. also try not to let it stop you from doing normal things or it will just depress you more. Accept that you will struggle but challenge yourself to overcome it. it will happen. i'm in remission now and feel reasonably good with a little bloating, I know I've had it much worse so I'm thankful that I'm OK and not in a flare.

exercise is good, whenever i'm in training I always feel better.

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