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Back Again

Hi everyone Im back again!
A few years ago I stumbled upon this forum (think it was around 2009) and use to get very useful info on here especially after being on Humira and having a near death experience but the hassles of life took over for a very very long time and well I never really had time or thoughts about dealing with my Crohns like I should. But now Im at a point in my life that I want to live healthier than I ever have before, I want to take control and better manage my Crohns Im 25 years old now and Have an amazing support system between my mother and Girlfriend and for the first time in years Im happy bettering myself actually have a great job going for me and thinking about expanding my horizon way more.
So with all that being said I had a Colonoscopy done this past Thursday and well theres a few strictures and stuff that are for sure gonna cause issues, Ive already been to UVA once and they told me it was just a matter of timing when I would need surgery. Ive recently stopped smoking but only by the help of a Vapor Pen which I swear by them because it was impossible for me to go a whole day without buying a pack and ever since I got the pen I have no cravings no want and no side effects. Im hoping to get back on track with my health and find better ways to manage my Crohns right now Im having a flare up because my remacaid isn't scheduled yet but I would like to hear what ideas you guys have for foods to stick with so my stomach isn't constantly in pain
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I also vap now, it is 3 years since I smoked. I have strictures as well and am on a low residue/fibre diet, but I can't cope on it much longer. Strictures can be managed with balloon dilatations, I have had this done a few times. I am probably going to end up with a permanent ileostomy very soon.

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