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Stephen McConnell
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New to here. my name is Stephen. Hello all

Well let me start off by saying hello to everyone here, and I really do hope everyone's doing as good as can be expected, considering everything we go through in a single day.

My name is Stephen, I've fought crohns for most of my life. Im 45 and been fighting it since I was 19 or 20.
It's been so bad they took out ALL of my large intestines some years back. Then I've had another 13 surgeries on my stomach. I now have a permanent illiostomy. But life has been soooo much better with it. But flare ups still happen and tomorrow I go in for my first humira shots. Ive been on pretty much everything else on the market but not much relief. I was on remicade for around a year, but we moved 1000 miles away and I'm so far out into the country now it's very hard (but dobale) to get to the Dr.

I hope to get to know people on here and hopefully make a few new friends. And possibly help by telling some of my experiences, but be warned I have almost died twice from my crohns so far. But I absolutely love life, my wife, and my kids. I know everyday is a miracle and a blessing.
I'll come on here tomorrow and let everyone know how my 4 shots go. I'm getting them in the morning.
it's late here in Arkansas so I'm going to close before this gets any longer. Take care everyone and.
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Welcome to the forum!

And good luck starting Humira. We have a section for Humira here where you can eventually post when you start! Or even go to ask questions about it in the meantime. I'm one of the mods there and I've been on it since November, and it's done wonders for me. Hopefully it will help you, too!

Also high five! I've almost died twice too. Crohn's is a fun illness at times.
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Hi Stephen and

You'll find lots of people on here who understand what you are going through. Once I was operated on at 2am because they thought that I might die - I looked as though I was 9 months pregnant! It was quite strange being in theatre with only the surgeon, the anaesthetist and one nurse.

I, too, have all of my large intestine, rectum, anus and part of small intestine removed and have found life much better after my ileostomy. I am not on any drugs for the Crohn's at the moment (whispered very quietly in case the evil Crohn's gods hear)

I hope that Humira works for you.
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Stephen McConnell
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Location: Wynne, Arkansas

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I just took my 4 shots and did all 4 myself. Lol. I was quite frightened to be honest. I've had so very many surgeries you'd think it wouldn't be a second thought.
The shots weren't bad at all. I gave three to my inner thigh and one on top in the muscle of my left leg. The one on top of my leg hurt the most but still not bad at all.
on a pain scale of 1 to 10, 1 being very little pain and 10 being very painful, I'd give these a 1 to a 2. They just didn't hurt any more and really less than most shots I've had.
well I'm going to go for now. I'll post in the humira part of the forums with this issue.
Take care all.

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