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Blood & Fecal Tests

16 year old daughter currently on 6mp.prednisone tapered off last month, still on Pentasa,feels fine and eating right, bathroom visits fine, so follow up with dr yesterday after blood and stool tests, well needless to say the dr says the hemoglobin is off the charts and the fecal not good either, wants another colonoscopy next week, first one was done January 2014.Her first one was not a good experience, sick for 3 days after, not sure if it was the anesthesia or just that she was so sick going in to begin with but that really scared her and so to hear she needs another in a week she is freaking out. But the Dr is saying in order to see what meds she needs to be on they need to do this they cant just prescribe anything. does this sound right? My husband thinks otherwise. when we were in the room with the Dr my daughter was like nope not doing it and they looked at me like I have to make her,ok I cant drag her in by her hair. I felt that if I didnt agree to it they were going to like call cps on me.. of course she is going to do it but does anyone have experience with getting these types of numbers 4 months after a colonoscopy to have another before anything else is prescribed..
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Two colonoscopies in four months seems extreme and can understand her reluctance to do another so soon. Poor girl. As a parent you have every right to worry and speak for her. I'm sure you will know what's right. I don't think colonoscopy should be done lightly but on the other hand don't think doctors wanna waste time doing them if not necessary. Hope everything turns out ok. My doc is insisting just on faecal proteins and pain alone. Keep her bright and breezy and hopefully all will be ok very soon.

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