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A Colonoscopy and a CT Scan

Because I recently got insurance and I've been in a flare for a year my GI wanted to get me a colonoscopy and a CT Scan. I've had both tests done before, but it's been a few years since either.

To prepare for the colonoscopy my GI had me buy miralax and lemon lime gatorade to mix together and a laxative pill. Two days prior to my procedure, at 9:00pm I took my laxative pill. One day prior to my procedure I could consume clear liquids only, no alcohol or dairy products, and nothing red or purple in color. And I had to consume at least 64 ounces of clear liquids in addition to my prep. At 6:00pm the night before my procedure I consumed a mixture of miralax and gatorade. The day of my procedure, five hours beforehand, I consumed the second mixture of miralax and gatorade, and I was disallowed to eat or drink anything within four hours of my procedure.

After checking in at the clinic I was given a gown to wear, disrobed except for my socks, and laid down in bed and was given a blanket. A nurse came and inserted an IV line into my arm and I was wheeled into the procedure room. My GI and an anesthesiologist came into the room and I was explained what was going to happen. The anesthesiologist injected the anesthesia into my IV line. Less than a minute later I was out and remember nothing until I woke up.

My mom was with me because I would be unable to drive after the anesthesia. I had woken up before I actually remember so I was repeating some questions I had already asked, like the time and such. We left soon after and went to get some lunch since I hadn't eaten in about 36 hours. We were told that I wouldn't be as stable, able to drive, or make any major decisions for the rest of the day. Though less than an hour later I was walking without much trouble and felt fine, if not a little tired for the rest of the day.

The prep for my CT scan was much easier. I had to pick up two packets of barium sulfate from the radiology center a few days before my procedure. The day of my procedure I had to stop eating four hours before my procedure. An hour and a half and a half an hour before my procedure I had to ingest one packet of the barium sulfate mixed in water. The barium sulfate never tastes good, but has slightly improved over the last few years.

When I arrived at the radiology center I checked in and was brought back to the scanner a few minutes later. A nurse had me lie down under a blanket and pull my pants down; I was still able to keep my belt on and everything in my pockets. A second contrast was injected into my arm; this contrast made me very warm and flushed, but that feeling did not last very long. The nurse then left the room and the table I was lying on was moved through a large circular scanner three or so times. While I was being moved through the scanner I was told take deep breaths and hold my breath at certain times. In total I was probably in the clinic for half an hour, even with early check in.

After finishing I was told to drink extra fluids to flush the contrast out of my system, my bowel movements being loose for the rest of the day.
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I'm surprised you were suggested a CT scan because more and more doctors are using MRI since that is radiation free.
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Thankyou for sharing your experiences with us. I know that MRIs are getting more common now but here in the UK CTs are sometimes favoured because the waiting lists tend to be shorter and it is a much quicker scan, so hopefully seeing your experience will help out those who do have them instead of MRIs.

I hope your tests give you some answers, please lets us know if you have any questions or worries .

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My GI has never mentioned an MRI as one of my tests. He may be less familiar with them or possibly outside my insurance price range, I'm not sure. I'm definitely okay with tests that are quicker though.

Thank you very much, I will

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