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Crohns and Joint Pain

Hi everyone,

I have been having pain in my hips for some time, and the last year or so the pain has been getting worse. It hurts when I walk, when I'm sitting down and if I lie on my side at night (which I do because I'm a side sleeper) then the pain is agonizing.

I went to see my Doctor and she had me move my hips in all directions and pressed on the joint, which was painful, and I was basically told to lose some weight and got some painkillers. She tried to give me some NSAIDS but last time I had these I thought I was about to die so made it clear I didn't want these. I said I was considering buying a crutch to help support my leg when I walk, because I don't have a car and have to walk everywhere and it gets painful quickly. I was told I shouldn't do this and should just exercise. It hurts though!!

Does anyone else suffer from bad joint pain and what do you do to help with this?
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Joint pain is a fairly common extra intestinal manifestation. Sometimes it is muskulosceletal, and is just caused by feeling sick with crohn's (similar to fibromyalgia, but can go away when crohn's is behaving). Other times it is actual inflammation from the gut that traveled to the joints, a secondary condition called enteropathic arthritis. I think perhaps it may be helpful for you to see a rheumatologist, as they will be able to determine what is causing the pain, and treat it. A rheumatologist will also be able to give you more options regarding pain relief, such as muscle relaxers or even low doses of anti-depressants.
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Oh gosh, NSAIDs are the worst thing for you when you have IBD! They can cause gastrointestinal bleeding among other things, so it's good you didn't take them. Prednisone is probably what you will need to be put on.

Is your Crohn's Colitis currently active?
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I believe prednisone gave me all my joint and bone pains. I hate that drug! Have a nucleur bone scan in couple months to see the exact damage. I sadly have to take tramadol for the pain and just deal with it. I find hot bath or heat pack helps. If you are walking everywhere that has to be exercise right? Hope you are able to feel better soon!

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