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Diagnosed crohn's by mistake

Hi all,

Excuse me for my english, My native language is arabic.

Medicine in UAE is not experienced with crohn's.

25 years, Male

My story starts 3 months ago when i went to a doc because of mild bloating. A colonscopy was done that showed internal hemorrhoids and a THD surgery was recommended. Here where hell started. I went through the surgery after 3 days of it and suffered from a severe pain in my right abdomen which was a perforation in my colon after a CT scan was done. I went through another surgery the weird thing that the perforation closed by its own they only cleaned my cavity. afterwards i had a severe diarrhea for a whole week, Living on the IV, with discomfort, pain and sleepless nights.

After continued complaining i had a colonscopy which showed severe deep ulcers through my colon linings they diagnosed me with crohn's.

I had no clue what crohn's is. I roamed through this forums for weeks reading all those stories and what people with crown's pass by. All kind of horrible thoughts came to me.

4 weeks ago my gp told me about a well known doctor lives in jordan. I landed in amman the day after and a third colonscopy was done. It showed mild ulcers left and a deep injury in my rectum that was caused from the thd surgery. After biopsies the doctor assured that no crohn's or any other chronic disease. Which was a relief.

Crohn's in the middle east is not known. Only few people have it and they suffer alone in the dark. 2 weeks ago me and my friend we started a community for crohn's disease here to make ppl understand and consider people who suffer from it.

Having some of crohn's symptoms taught a lesson and sufferers here are really treated like its just a normal stomach pain.

Hope someday a cure is found and this evil is gone.

I am suing the first doc and its still in the process. I don't really regret what happened it was a great lesson but these kind of business doctors should suffer.

Thanks to this forums for all these stuff i read that really helped me even without me participating. I wrote this story just to say I will work hard in this middle east to let people understand crohn's and give them support.

Thank you
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Hi there, welcome to the community..

It sounds like you have been on quite a journey..

If they are saying you don't have crohns/IBD then have they offered an explanation for the ulcers? They don't just turn up by themselves.

Was the perforation caused by the colonoscopy? Again I would be asking for more of an explanation here.. Although colonoscopies carry a risk of perforation it is very rare and usually indicates weakening of the bowel wall.

If you still feel there is something more going on then please keep pressing for better answers, you deserve better care than this.

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the ulcers was caused by the antibiotics they gave me in the first surgery, and the perforation was from the first colonscopy. Biopsies showed nothing, also my family has no history of IBD.

Health care is horrible specially for IBD, They are not common and not known even for doctors.

Thank you
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Hi mabueida. I am sorry you had to deal with poor medical care, but glad you don't have Crohn's. I hope you are feeling great by now. It is great that you are thinking about helping other who suffer from this disease.
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My sister Maree. Lives in your part of the world. She hasn't been on here in a while but did do research on drs in your area. I will facebook her tonight.
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We had mixed results seeing doctors in the UAE. IBD's are incredibly rare here. For gastroentrological issues the one I send people to is Dr. Jawahar Charles at Dubai London.

He's British trained and a very thoughtful considered man, who will tell you if he's not sure about something or needs another opinion. He was head of surgery at Welcare hospital for more than a decade and is very well connected in the UAE medical community, and within gastroentrological circles in the region (is head of the Indian Society of Gastroentrologists Middle East Chapter) and is excellent at finding good people if he needs to run a case by a peer or source a 2nd opinion.

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