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Just my story

I've been suffering with severe abdominal pain for around 6 years now.
At first my GP assumed it was endometriosis. I had cameras in, but no answers.
Then my GP decided I had. "Looped bowel" I had never heard of this, but all the symptoms made sense. After another camera, no answers.
The pains only got worse, I had to leave my job
My GP kind of fave up in me, and simply gave me pain management for IBS. Which I hated, it didn't work and I felt like I'd been let down.
After a year of pain killers and other meds I decided to change my GP.
best thing I ever did! After an hour of explaining my symptoms(severe abdominal pain, fatigue and irregular BM) My new GP asked if I had been tested for Crohn's. This was the first id heard of Crohn's disease. He booked me in to have an endoscopy a week later!
Sadly, due to 5 or so years stuck at home in pain and depressed, I have developed anxiety issues.
I was terrified. But I knew it had to be done.
It was time for the endoscopy! Waiting for the doctor felt like a life time, finally he arrived and we were ready, or so I thought.
This Doctor was NOT very sensitive. He offered no sedatives/pain relief. Before he could start, I had a panic attack. He kicked me out of the room and told me there's in point in trying again!
Very upset/frustrated with myself I pleaded with the nurses to let me try again but maybe with some sedatives? They refused and I was sent home.
Another visit to my GP and he booked me in for another at a different hospital.
It's tommorrow! I feel a lot more relaxed and more determined.
Hopefully I will finally get some answers!
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No sedatives? That's ridiculous. I'm in canada and we get completely knocked out for an endoscopy!
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I was confused when they wouldn't give me any sedatives.
I've been assured that I will be sedated for my endoscopy tomorrow!
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I hope all goes smoothly for you.
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I've never heard of doing that fully awake! No wonder you had anxiety!! I think anyone would. Glad you are seeing someone else
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And I survived!
It was a breeze, I'm so pleased. Just waiting in results now! Wohoooo!
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I never have any time of scopes without sedation, I am so sorry you had such a bad time. We don't get strong sedation in the UK but at least it helps soon. I have known people not having it but it is a choice, I am not brave enough. My advice to you is that a specialist centre is the best place to go.

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