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B12 injections stopped

I have written on here before about the problems I was having in regards to the B12 injections. I started them in july 2013, and have noticed that I get hit with extreme fatigue shortly after the injection and passes within a day or two.

anyway.. I called my GPs to book the next injection and I mentioned this side effect (I worl in pharmacy.. and couldn't see this listed as a side effect in any literature we use)
My GP contacted my rheumy who advised that I didnt have any issues with intrinsic factor antibodies (so I dont have pernicious anaemia). My rheumy apparently said "to stop the b12 and folate as I should have enough by now"

I explained to my GP.. that im not vegan.. so why am I deficient? (Just to point out.. I have "IBS".. and my sulfasalazine for my joints seems to help my bowels anyway)

Just so frustrated. I dont want to be forgotten about and end up being deficient and poorly again. Has anybody else stopped having the b12? And if so.. what were the consequences?

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Vitamin B12 injections
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Hey bozzy…

In my kids case it wouldn’t so much being a case of what happened if shots are stopped but being vigilant at monitoring levels regardless of whether having shots or not. They have both had their Terminal Ileum so they are a flagged risk anyway.

Pernicious Anaemia - there is a very interesting thread about it here. I subscribe to the point of view that Pernicious Anaemia is the end result of B12 deficiency regardless of how that deficiency is actioned. So lack of intrinsic factor is but one cause, you then have things such a chronic gastritis and as you move further into the GI tract malabsorption and surgery.

I would request that levels be done now for Iron Stores, Folate and B12. If B12 is normal but sitting at the lower end then I would ask that it be monitored every 3 months. If it is sitting about nicely in the middle, or above, of the normal reference range then monitor every 6 months until you are satisfied that it isn’t trending down.

Dusty. xxx
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