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Pain in upper abdomen

I've been having stabbing pains while eating in the upper abdomen since yesterday, i thought maybe it was my acid reflux but that usually feels like more of a burning sensation through my whole stomach. Any suggestions? I'm now finding I can't finish a meal because of the pain.
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Reflux shouldn't cause those pains. I think its best to have it checked out. Sorry, wish I could provide a better answer but I'm not sure.
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You need to get it looked at. I have a hiatus hernia diagnosed through an endoscopy and take regular medication for it.
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i got them occasionally over the last year and i was told it's nothing dy doc. and gi.
i rarely get it anymore.
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I get those sometimes too but attributed it to what I was eating. I'm not really sure what it is either.
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It could involve your gallbladder. I've had the same issue and all tests come back negative with regards to gall bladder and liver. But it would be good to have them checked because of the location of the pain.
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