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weight issues

Hey Guys, it's Bryana. I'm still tapering off of prednisone and should be done with it by the end of next month (June). I've gained 21 pounds on this drug and its really bugging me. Before I got sick at all, I was in shape, I really miss the way things were before I got sick-they were great! Any way, I am exercising 6 days a week, and despite my efforts to eat healthy, I cave. I honestly think its the prednisone. I don't binge eat, I just end up making poor decisions. I really want nothing more than to be off of this drug, yes I am feeling better because of it, but I really hate what its doing to my relationship with my body and food. I just want to be skinny and pretty again, but I guess I'm just not there yet. I understand this change won't happen overnight, I will have to work for it, but I feel like I should wait until I'm down to 5 mg of prednisone to make huge changes. If I make too big of a change now, I know it would backfire and I would end up gaining more weight, because my appetite would increase and my cravings will drive me nuts. But the good news is I feel better, that's what matters :) I think if I keep my diet a healthy manageable medium and just do the exercise I can handle I will stay the same weight, then when I'm down to 5 mg of prednisone I can start actual trying to lose the weight and I won't go as nuts. Any thoughts or suggestions on weight loss during/ after prednisone? THANK YOU! :)
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A portion of your weight gain is due to water weight from prednisone and will generally go away after you taper off the prednisone.

My son gained maybe 15 lbs while on pred and lost all but maybe 5 after taper. It happened fairly quickly and without the aid of a diet or strenous exercise(he was in high school and did have PE at the time).

I hope your pred taper goes well.
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