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We'll my buddy has 4 surgeries and he had to have an emergency ileostomy and he had it for about 8 weeks and he got it reversed march 12th he did good for about the first two weeks of post pop now he's just feeling like crap he goes to the the restroom so much. He looked right at me and said he doesn't feel like his self he just feels sick. I have never seen him this depressed. He told me if he could he would go back on the bag and would have never got it reversed so quick. He was just wondering if he could ask to be put back on the bag? He said life was so much easier. Please help me so I can give him some advice
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I would think he'd have to ask his doctor about that. Why did they do the reversal so quickly? Normally the turnaround isn't that fast.

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Idk I think he was pushing them. Now he's paying for it I have never seen him this down before me and his family is worried about him. He said he's just so sick if his stomach hurting and having to run to the bathroom all the time he won't and leave the house becAuse he's scared he can't hold his bowls
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First he needs to consider anti- diarrhoea meds if he isn't on them, these are Imodium, lomitil and codeine (which I take and wouldn't be able to leave home without). Second he needs to give his bowel time to heal, perhaps go onto low fibre diet for a while. He needs to be sure before making his decision.
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He has tried everything. He's telling his doc tomorrow he wants to be put back on the bag if there do it

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