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Hi folks,

I'm 34, diagnosed almost 2yrs ago. I was really relieved with the diagnosis as all the symptoms pointed to something much much worse!!! But a little concerned that my Gastro believes I may have had it for up to 5yrs due to the area affected!

I am currently experiencing an extended flare up as my Remicade dose wasn't increased to match my weight gain...i know I'm showing off - weight gain!! So I am back on steroids as a stop gap until Tuesday when I get my next infusion!

I will say that Crohn's has completely changed my life both good and challenging. Over here, Ireland that is, because it's an infusion I have to be admitted as a day patient (for the few hours of the infusion) on a cancer day ward...I know fun times. But this helped give me a whole new perspective to life and my outlook towards it. I am generally a more happy, more giving and just better person because of this experience. However, the flare ups, the extreme exhaustion at times and the limits on what foods I can eat are the not fun side along with the expense of the traveling, consultations and treatment. Which I am sure you all have also experienced.

Crohn's has also given me the drive to take a complete 180 in my life career wise and I am returning to education in the fall and I cannot wait.

Anyway that's a quick background. I do have a more specific question to ask the forum but that should be in the next day or so.

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thank you for your comments.
You have such a wonderful attitude and it is very inspiring.
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Continue to be hopeful
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Hi DiPum.

Welcome to the forum.
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Hello, welcome to the forum.

I am sorry to hear that you are currently in an extended flare up. Have your doctors spoken about increasing your remicade now that you are flaring if the current dose doesnt match your weight?

I hope you get this flare up under control soon and you feel better .

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