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Broken/ red skin around stoma

still having this problem. my skin under my bag is red, itchy and sticky due to the top of layer of skin not being there.
I have to use tons of adhesive remover when im peeling the bag off otherwise the skin bleeds from being so broken.
i'm currently using kavilon barrier spray
lots of protective powder to dry skin before sticking bag on
a barrier ring
and coloplast brava tape.
the redness used to be under the bag but since ive been using the tape the redness is under this too. I guess the adhesive just irritates my skin. my stoma nurse thinks im allergic but after trying other bag brands it didn't make a difference so I went back to my original.
ive applied a steroid treatment every few months- seems to help for a short time.

can anyone recommend anything else? anything my stoma nurse suggests seems to affect the stickiness of the bag!
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Hi. That is so annoying. I get a lot of that skin irritation. My nurse had my doctor prescribe flo vent. It's the same puffer medication people with asthma use. Use it every time you change the appliance. If you can avoid tape, avoid it. I use a belt to secure everything.
After the effected area is misted - dust with stoma powder. Then dab (don't wipe) with skin prep. Let it dry and apply wafer.

Hope that helps with the issue.
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I broke out in psoriasis under the adhesive of my bag. I now use a steroid lotion(not cream) under everything first, then dab on the cavilon. When I first started getting it, I didn't know what it was. My gastro sent me to the skin specialist, and it's a lot better since I've been using the prescribed Advantan Lotion. But I am very careful as it still bleeds easily, and is the worst when a sheet of skin peels off and takes my brava strip and adhesive with it.

Get you Stoma nurse to see if you need to see a skin specialist.

Hope it gets better soon.

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