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Medication question

I take three Lialda pills everyday, and ive noticed that, i feel more exhausted , to the point that i have to take a nap or i might just fall asleep standing , and incredibly dehydrated no matter how much i drink. And so fare it doesnt seem to help my crohns any. I just started though, but im in the middle of a flare up.

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I think you should get in touch with your doctor and let them know what is happening.
It is essential to keep well hydrated and it could be something is going on inside you that needs further attention.
You are clearly uncomfortable and should get advice soon.
Call them today.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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I agree with Trysha. Call your doctor and see what they say. I was put on a drug that mad me feel tired and achy all the time. My doctor pulled me off of it and basically told me quality of life is more important than that drug. He then said something really stupid. He said there was nothing else he could put me on. I dropped him like a hot potato. Anyway, I digress. Have it checked out.
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It may be that you are having a flare and the medication isn't working. You need to see your GI. Is there an IBD nurse you can speak to?
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My GI is on thr other side of thr state. I plan on calling him here soon. Life is pretty crappy right now , and i just want something that works. Whats an IBD ?
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IBD nurse is a specialist nurse who specialises in inflammatory bowel disease. I can ring my IBD nurse with any enquiries if I am not well.
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Oh, no i dont have one. Just my.GI doc

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